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The Dating Chronicles

The Pardon

When Barb’s best friend Sonja broke up with her boyfriend Ben, Barb became his confidante and would spend hours on the phone nightly consoling him about the breakup.  Barb had always felt that Sonja never loved Ben, and she had always admired him from afar.

Therefore, when he began to lean heavily on her shoulder in his time of disappointment, she seized the opportunity to show off her good points and hoped he would take note.  To her delight, he did. Slowly, they began dating secretly, and Barb severed her relationship with Sonja because she felt guilty about her relationship with Ben.

Three months later, on a warm summer evening, after Barb had prepared an elaborate six-course meal, Ben informed her over dinner that he had reconciled with Sonja.  With a voice filled with regret, he apologized for getting involved with Barb during a time when he was emotionally frazzled.  He also informed her that he and Sonja were getting married the following weekend.

Barb cried for two days straight, and then called Sonja, confessed what she had done, and begged for her forgiveness.  Sonja forgave her and invited her to the wedding.

However, when Barb drove up to the wedding a week later, she shot out all the windows in the church and drove off.  Fortunately, no one was injured.  She was later arrested parked in front of a bridal shop.

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