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The Dating Chronicles

The Searchers

Nicole met Ron at a time when finding a companion had become an obsession.  She was divorced and at her wit’s end of a tiring search.  She had high expectations when it came to being in a relationship and she didn’t mind letting it be known.  Therefore, when Ron allowed three days to go by without calling, she expressed her resentment in angry language.  The way she figured it, though they had only been dating three weeks, there was no way a man could be truly interested and go three days without calling.

Ron was disturbed by her outburst but convinced himself that he was psychologically prepared for the minor flaws which accompany all relationships, because he too, had grown weary of the search.  Before meeting Nicole, he had been unsuccessful in finding a woman who appealed to him physically and mentally.  So, he was willing to sustain some blows for the sake of good company. After all,  Nicole was pretty and smart with an obvious commitment to her independence, which happened to be one of his favorite characteristics. 

He decided to ignore her complaint and her demanding attitude and invited her to a friend’s party.   At the party, Nicole sat and fumed quietly in a corner as Ron attempted to get her to mingle.  But she made it clear that she detested the setting and his boisterous friends.  She did not want to share his attention and she made it plain by rejecting all efforts to include her in the fun.

When Ron decided to leave, she was smug with satisfaction, as they drove towards her apartment. She was ready for them to be alone at last, and she could hardly wait.  Unfortunately, Ron had other plans.  He had met a real cutie at the party and had made arrangements to meet her later.  He decided to stick Nicole in the pigeonhole for a while, with the time depending on the potential of the lady waiting on him.   For him, the search for his soulmate had resumed.

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