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The Dating Chronicles

The Strategy

Peter sipped his drink slowly as he stared across the room at a tall striking woman.  He had noticed her when she first walked into the party.  She was beautiful and distinctive as she moved through the crowd.  He decided he couldn’t be ordinary and walk over to introduce himself.  He had to make her notice him.  After all, how could she not?  He knew he was irresistible with a handsome face and bulging muscles that stretched against the cloth of his tuxedo.  He worked hard to achieve a status of distinction and he knew he had succeeded.

He decided on a strategy.  He began to stare at her until their eyes met and then he looked away.  He had her attention now.  He decided to move slowly around the room to play havoc with her senses.  He took a seat in her eye range and began staring again.   But this time, he didn’t look away when she turned to face him.  He stared intently with half-closed lids and waited.  She returned his gaze with equal footing and the battle was on.  For minutes, no one wavered and then she broke the connection, with a radiant smile.

He watched her as she began to move toward him with calculated steps.  He smiled in anticipation.  He had won again and he felt smug as he stood to meet her. They always came to him.

“Hi,” she said in a low soft voice, as she looked up at him from under dark lashes.  “I’m sorry for staring, but your fly is open.”

As she strolled past him to walk out the door, he thought he would faint as he frantically searched for the men’s room.  He had never been so embarrassed.  But when he got there, he was even more humiliated to find out…it was not.

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