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The Dating Chronicles


Cindy sat quietly under the dryer with tears in her eyes. Her mouth was dry as tears struggled against the rim of her glasses. She was in a new hair salon and she was straining to hear the dialogue a few feet away.

A woman with red hair had her back turned, but Cindy could hear her mentioning her boyfriend’s name over and over. Lonnie who had been Cindy’s heartbeat for several months now and the one she felt, perhaps with time, would finally become the husband she’d been praying for.

As Cindy scooted down lower in the chair to hear better, she heard the woman boast loudly of this wonderful man she had recently met and how it seemed they were falling in love.  As she described Lonnie’s red jeep and hazel eyes, Cindy cringed in her chair. She felt anger as the woman spoke of expensive dinners and moonlight walks in the park. She shuddered as she remembered how often Lonnie refused her pleas to take a walk in the park.

As the tears began to pour down her face, her mother’s words suddenly thundered in her ear. “You will never have luck with that man, Lucinda. Because he’s ill-gotten gain. You sneaked around with him until he left his wife.”

She thought of how long she had watched Lonnie flounder in his marriage to her cousin Allie, who in Cindy’s opinion never deserved him as a mate. Cindy had loved him for a long time, and now she felt like he had finally been given to her.

Since he and Allie divorced, Cindy felt it was a matter of time before she would be his wife. At least, she had thought so before today. Her stomach churned at the thought of him being in the arms of another woman.

When the dryer stopped, she rose slowly, glaring at the woman across the room. She refused to believe that Lonnie would cheat on her. She decided to approach the woman to question her. She had to be sure it was the same man.

As she started to cross the shop, the door to the salon opened and Lonnie walked in. He didn’t see Cindy, as he broke into a wide grin and walked straight to the woman with the red hair and kissed her full on the mouth. Cindy abruptly turned and walked out the door with her hair still in rollers. She decided to deal with Lonnie later after she’d had time to think.

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