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The Dating Chronicles

It Could Happen Anywhere

Robin was lifting a bottle of wine off the shelf in a local wine shop one Saturday afternoon when the bottle suddenly slipped out of her hands and splattered to the floor.  Glass and dark red wine flew everywhere and some of it landed on a tall, handsome stranger who just happened to be standing three feet away. 

A piece of a broken glass ended up cutting his arm, and as blood spurted everywhere, Robin scrambled to find tissue to serve as a temporary bandage.  Staff and customers ran over quickly to aid the injured man, as Robin held onto him like an assigned nurse seemingly oblivious to the small hole in her own hand that was bleeding profusely.

When someone brought over a first aid kit, Robin sprang into action like a paramedic, apologizing the whole time.  Though this was an unavoidable mishap, Robin, who was a strong believer in Fate, was beginning to imagine that maybe this gorgeous stranger had been sent into her life to offset her lonely hours.  And she became sure of it when she finished wrapping his hand in gauze, and he gave her a big grin and thanked her for being his Florence Nightingale.

However, when she offered to drive him to the hospital to see if he needed stitches, a female voice rang out from the crowd announcing that she was with him and that she would take him.  Robin relinquished her grip, with a disappointed grunt.  But before the stranger turned to leave, he thanked Robin again, introduced himself and the woman as his sister, and then asked Robin for her phone number.  Five months later, after several months of dating, he proposed to her in the wine shop where they met. 

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