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Dating Data:

“It Didn’t

Work Because…”

by Dani Stone

Often in the World of Dating, potential lovers are suddenly “dropped” for no apparent reason with no explanation and it often happens after the second, third, or fourth encounter.  Unfortunately, this action can sometimes be devastating to some and puzzling for others, particularly when no reasonable explanation is given and seldom is there.

Understandably, few people wish to face an individual either on the phone or in person and tell them why they can no longer tolerate their company.  So, because we get so much mail on rejection, we asked several singles to explain why they suddenly dropped lovers or date partners with “potential” to gain some much-needed insight.  See if you can relate.

The Women

  • “He liked to talk, so much so, that I couldn’t pry a word in edgewise. He could go on and on without ever coming up for air.  Everything was about him, and he was not interested in what I was doing.”
  • “He bragged on himself, his family, who he knew, and where he’d been. Or he didn’t talk at all and I had to keep him entertained.”
  • “He was too cheap. He parked eight blocks away to save money on the parking lot.  He always wanted to go Dutch.”
  • “I never trusted him. He was disingenuous. I was never confident that he felt for me what he said he felt.”
  • “He had poor manners. He never introduced me when we encountered his acquaintances and he would pull off as soon as I closed his car door.”
  • “He had an identity problem. He cringed when others spoke in black dialect.  Most facets of his culture didn’t appeal to him.  He was also color-struck.”
  • “With him, I felt like the stronger sex. He was too passive.  He would accept poor service and poor seats.  I had to be the assertive one in the relationship.”
  • “He viewed all women as subservient to him. There was no room for individuality with him.”
  • “He couldn’t express himself without using profanity.”

The Men

  • “She couldn’t teach me anything new. The only thing I could learn from her was how to shop.”
  • “She referred too much to past relationships.”
  • “She was too pushy. She came on too strong.  She called me constantly for attention.”
  • “She was too much into pretending to be who she was not.”
  • “She was pretty, but her conversation was devoid of relevancy. Any discussion outside of romance was boring to her.  She was so shallow. She didn’t understand that men need more than a woman who was just fine.”
  • “Hygiene was not her strong suit. Her house was a mess, and she was a mess. Her stove looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months.”
  • “She was too vain! Nothing came between her hair, her nails, and her clothes.  All activities were centered around their upkeep.  She was no fun to be with. I find that women who act unaware of their beauty are the most attractive.”
  • “She was possessive. She demanded to know the nature of the acquaintance of every woman I spoke to when we were out, and she always wanted me to explain my whereabouts.”
  • “She was too passive! She made everything too easy and therefore left nothing to the imagination.  She would do anything to keep me around.”
  • “She was ungrateful, i.e. you take her to a play and because you were in the balcony, instead of the main floor, she made you feel cheap through hints and jokes.”
  • “She was an uninformed chatterbox who embarrassed me often in public. For some reason, she was trying to appear smart, but she ended up making us both look like idiots.”

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