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The Dating Chronicles

Jake was beginning to feel frustrated and exhausted.  He had dated several women for the past few weeks, in hopes of replacing Kim, who he had dumped because she was high maintenance, but he was having no luck.  He found fault with everyone he took out, including the one last night.  He’d had high hopes for her.

The evening had been splendid until she got to her door and blew it.  She, unknowingly, asked the one question that always succeeded in perturbing him.  “when will I see you again?” Masking his resentment, he gave his standard reply, “I’ll call you.”  He couldn’t stand women who couldn’t hide their anxiousness for a relationship.

Now, he was driving to what he decided would be the last one for a while.  He was spent.  He thought to himself…Maybe this is why some guys give up and never get married.

The evening turned out pleasant enough.  This one was at least pretty and smarter than the rest.  But, he had decided early in the middle of dinner, that she was not his type.  Her legs were too small, her teeth were too large and he couldn’t take women who wore dark lip color to conceal smoke-stained lips.

After the date, on the way home, he turned the music up loud to avoid conversation.  He had decided to take a break for a while.  He was tired of the dating process.  He thought about calling Kim when he got home.  But he decided quickly not to start that up again.  She was just too demanding.

As he pulled up to his date’s door, her hand moved quickly to grab the door handle before the car stopped moving.  She stepped out hurriedly without hesitating.  She turned and stared straight through him as she leaned back into the car’s window.   “Thanks. “It was a nice evening…I’ll call you.”  Her eyes held his silently for another full minute in dismissal, as she turned and walked away in haste.

Jake was struck dumb.  His thoughts were jumbled as he struggled to start his car.  He had never seen a woman so anxious to leave him…What was her problem?  His mind raced in jumbled confusion.  What had I done wrong?  He hadn’t noticed how pretty her eyes were…What did she mean, she’d call him?… Then he noticed she’d left her scarf on the seat.  He picked it up and held it to his nose.  It smelled nice.  He got out of the car to ring her doorbell.     Suddenly, he was excited about seeing her again.

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