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by Sarah Smart

Q. One of my closest friends obviously admires my boyfriend, and she has no cool about it.  She flirts with him openly whenever we’re out together.  My boyfriend claims to be oblivious to her behavior, but I believe he knows.  I want to tell her about herself, but I know she’ll blow up in denial and it will affect our friendship. What should I do?  It’s really driving me crazy because she is so bold and I must put a stop to her behavior.

A.  You have a couple of options. You could tell her what you suspect, and let her blow up.  It’s best to confront your aggravation than to keep it to yourself.  Put her on notice that you see her, and maybe she’ll cool out.  Meanwhile, if I were you, I would change her status in my world.  Her behavior certainly does not reflect the actions of a close friend.

Q.  I accidentally overheard my best friend telling another one of her girlfriends about how dumb I was in relationships, and how I gave my boyfriend a Christmas gift after he hadn’t given me one.  I had confided in her, and I was very hurt by her betrayal.  The problem is that I’m scheduled to be a bridesmaid for her in March, and I’m no longer interested in her friendship or being in her wedding.  But I feel guilty about leaving her high and dry.  What would you do?

A.  I hardly see her having one less bridesmaid as leaving her high and dry. I agree with your decision.  Plus, you’re giving her time to find a replacement.  Why should you feel guilty about disappointing someone who betrayed your friendship?  Tell her and be free

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