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“The Sizzle Hold!”
The Way To His Heart

by Co Co Diong

Wise Willie, our resident guru on relationships says “if a woman has “the sizzle quality” she can capture a man’s attention for a lifetime.  He calls it, “The Sizzle Hold”  Is the man in your life, who sometimes appears aloof or mysterious, capable of day dreaming about you, bragging about you…..dying to be with you…..longing to hear the sound of your voice?  Could you be capable of holding his attention forever and a day?  The answer to all questions is yes!  And we found some guys willing to share what the “sizzle quality” meant to them.

Jake, 37 – “A woman who is smart, (a good combination of book sense and common sense) knows that before she can be of worth to a man, she must be of worth to herself, and let it be known.  Men are turned on by women who know how to check them in the midst of their madness and are smart enough to do it with style and grace.  This makes her exciting to be with.”

Larry: 33 – “The woman who is tuned into her value and knows how to play her role as a woman is very appealing to a man because she challenges him to want to learn from her.  As men, we are not always as confident as we may appear, and we inadvertently search for a woman who is smart enough to handle our egos, keep us on our toes, and stimulate us mentally.  With me, a woman’s “sizzle” quality determines her longevity.  Some call it spunk.”

Hank: 41 – “The quality that makes a woman exciting and smart makes a woman unforgettable and forever attractive.  A woman’s mind is her sexiest asset, and when she displays it with knowledge and charm, it’s irresistible to a man.  Nowadays, I find it difficult to find a woman who is not intimidated by her need for me.  I meet women who are afraid to voice their displeasure or concerns…..who fail to establish perimeters through communication and are quite willing to dangle while I dawdle.  The woman who is the opposite of this could captivate my attention, if everything else is in place.”

Nolan: 35 – “I love a woman who’s lively, funny, independent, strong-willed, unpredictable and proud.  And every man worth his salt needs a woman who can motivate him to be his best.  Those who have these qualities along with a heart void of suspicion and bitterness can usually rivet a man’s attention span for a lifetime.”

Sam: 36“I become totally enchanted with a woman whose self-confidence is apparent.  “The Sizzle Quality” to me, is high self-esteem mixed with the ability to flirt, tease and challenge me mentally.  The woman with these qualities is not an easy find.  Pretty women are truly a dime a dozen, but a woman who speaks her mind intelligently and confidently, with an acute awareness of her sex appeal can have a man going the wrong way on his own street.”

Well ladies, there you have it.  I guess Wise Willie was right again.  Perhaps I can start a Sizzle Club For Sisters, who don’t understand their own self worth or view men as the villains and themselves as the victims.  The goal would be to gain an understanding on how to truly acquire this “sizzle hold” and keep it.  Perhaps I’ll begin by becoming its first member.


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