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Matching Up…

Does His Birth

Sign Matter?

by Chloe McFinn

Astrology Expert, Jan Marchan says “Yes!!! Very much so! Millions of men and women find the knowledge of Zodiac information to be an important source of accuracy in sizing up and understanding those who could possibly have romantic potential.”   Here is what she has to say about men.  Recognize anyone?

Aries: (Mar.21-Apr.19) They are prone to be arrogant, convincing, and very aggressive.  They also bore easily.

Taurus: (Apr.20 – May 20) They like a variety of women, but can be very loyal when they become attached.

Gemini: (May 21-June 21) They have a hard time growing into real men.  They can be extremely charming, but their fickleness is renowned.

Cancer(June 22-July 22) These men are very moody and extremely sensitive.  If they get mad at you, they can stay mad forever.

Leo(July 23-Aug.22) Ego is his biggest problem.  He is unusually eccentric and always searching for the perfect woman and someone who will idolize him.

Virgo: (Aug.23-Sept.22) These men are perfectionists who see flaws in a woman that no one would ever see or look for.  I never met one who was faithful.

Libra: (Sept.23-Oct.23) Make the best husbands because they don’t like being alone.  However, they may be hard to live with because they are very critical and very prudish.

Scorpio: – (Oct.23-Nov.21) If you win the heart of one of these guys, you’ll have him for life.  But if you mess up, you won’t get a second chance with him.

Sagittarius: (Nov.22-Dec.21) This man must have his space.  He’s spontaneous and impatient, but he loves smart women.

Capricorn: (Dec.22-Jan.19) These men have proven to be very faithful and are attracted to women who are ambitious, classy, and very self-motivated.

Aquarius: -(Jan.20-Feb.18)  The Aquarian is very skilled at making friends out of girlfriends and girlfriends out of friends.  He is also the most eccentric sign in the zodiac.  If it’s weird, he might try it.

Pisces: – (Feb.19-March 20)  Are not too good with facing the truth.  They live in a fantasy world that even Walt Disney couldn’t have imagined.



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