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Story Of The Week

The Tale Of Two Souls

by Cheryl Lakes

Alicia: It was Friday, and as was the custom, Alicia and two of her girlfriends met for lunch at their favorite restaurant.  As they sat down, Alicia noticed three distinguished gentlemen sitting directly across from their table.  One guy stood out because he was tall and very muscular.  He was seated on the opposite side of the table from the other two men adjacent to her.  He had such a handsome face that Alicia found herself glancing over at him all during lunch, so much so that she began to feel embarrassed.  She tried to get into the conversation at her table, but as hard as she tried, she couldn’t stop herself from looking in his direction.  Their eyes would meet until one or the other would turn away.  Each time the episodes lasted longer and longer.    

An hour later, all three men got up to leave.  Alicia was mortified.  One of her friends asked if she was going to let him get away.

“Of course,” she said.  “What am I supposed to do-run and tackle him?  If he was as interested in me as I was in him, he should make the first move.”

She watched in anxiety, as he stood to put on his overcoat.  When he paid the bill and walked out the door, she began to panic.  She had to see him again, but she didn’t know what to do.

Bill was sitting at the table with his boss and a client when in walked three very attractive ladies.  They were seated directly next to his table.  One of them caught his eye.  She was very tall with silky hair that flowed past her shoulders.  Though she wore a business suit, he could tell she was curvaceous.  Her long legs seemed to go on forever.  She was beautiful and he couldn’t stop staring at her.

After they sat down, he noticed she was looking over in his direction.  At first, he wasn’t sure she was looking at him.  But after several glances in her direction, he realized she was staring back at him.  At first, he was a little embarrassed.  But after a while, he started to enjoy the flirtation.  He wondered how he could meet her.  After all, he was with his boss and a client.  He couldn’t exactly go over to her and ask her for her number.  When it came time to leave, he got up and paid the bill.  Looking back just one more time, he shrugged in resignation that he would probably never see her again.

But to his surprise, as the three of them walked down the street, he heard footsteps running behind him.  When he turned, he saw that the woman had followed them out of the restaurant and was handing him her business card.  Without saying a word, she smiled and walked away.

That evening they were back at the same restaurant on a date.

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