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The 5 Things
Men Pay
Attention To

A recent poll conducted on this subject was very revealing. 86% of the men considered shoes to be a significant part of a woman’s sex appeal.

David: Atlanta – “Shoes say a lot about a woman’s sensuality.  There is nothing sexier than a woman in high heels.”

67% ranked a woman’s attire as one of the top five:  Tom:  Chicago – “What a woman wears makes an interesting statement about who she is.  If her clothes are over the top revealing with boobs and thighs in the forefront, or she wears excessive make-up, etc.; it appears that she’s trying too hard to be noticed.  Simplicity with flair is what I look for and when a woman is dressed like she’s trying desperately to gain attention, it can send a guy in the opposite direction.”

76%   ranked self-confidence as part of the top five.   Doug:  New York – “I look at a woman’s confidence.  Even an unattractive woman can draw, if she has a confidence that says, I like who I am

59% ranked teeth, hair and the shape of a woman’s mouth as the top three things a man pays attention to.   Jim: Los Angeles – The first thing I notice is the condition of a woman’s teeth.”

77% ranked hygiene and cleanliness as one of the top five:  Carl:  Miami – “Neat is important.  Missing buttons, soiled spots on clothes, chipped nail polish, frayed collars, and makeup under fingernails can be a turn-off.”

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