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Bonita’s Blog
10 Steps To The
Ultimate “Joy Ride”

by Bonita Bennett

The Way You Do The Things You Do …

How you think is often apparent by what you do.  In Chicago alone, in the last 12 months, six ranking policemen have taken their own lives for reasons inexplicable to the public.  Suicide in all age groups is on the rise because too many people are suffering from a huge lack of joy in their lives.  Unfortunately, there are many out there stuck in a valley of unhappiness and don’t know how to think their way out. 

There are those who are constantly scarred, exploited, and victimized by their own hands, and blame others for the “abuse.”  When we love, we feel defiled, hurt, and rejected when someone does not love us back, and many times, we badger them (by our sturdy refusal to let go) to love us anyway in spite of their wants… Life is a game that must be played to win and you can’t give up when the road gets rough.

In order to win in the game of life, we have to first change our minds about ourselves and imagine ourselves as who we want to be, and begin working on it.  Here are 10 marvelous ways to do it:

  • Seek the best for yourself. You begin this by accepting only the best and begin with the understanding that there is a Divine Design for your life, and you must seek God and trust Him to show you.  Most of us function in complete ignorance of our true destinies and strive hard for things and people who don’t belong in our atmosphere.  This action usually brings about failure and dissatisfaction because it was not in line with the divine purpose in the first place.
  • Evaluate!  Become clear in your mind that having it your way is not always the best way.
  • Focus: Look for the good in your life and the good in others, and it will manifest vividly.  Your beauty as a person should first be seen through your eyes.
  • You are what you think.  Words and thoughts are a tremendous force in our lives. They are the molders of our affairs.
  • Take charge! Bring your thoughts under control, strive for peace of mind in all situations, and steer clear of people who are not in harmony with you.  Speak out loud what you wish to see manifest in your life.
  • Believe. Know that you can have what you want if it’s a righteous desire…up to and including a soul mate.  Read Psalm 37:4 in the Bible.  When you want something, think about it.  Would God want you to have it?  Believe in who you pray to.  If you pray for success and prepare for failure, you will get the situation you prepared for.
  • Review your self-perception. See yourself as God’s special creation, and believe it.  Remember, others always follow our lead in seeing us the way we see ourselves.  If you want respect, command it by projecting through word and action the value you place on your being.
  • Choose your company carefully. Don’t throw your “diamonds” in the dust.  Associate closely with like minds only.
  • Control your imagination. Know that everyone cannot like you in the way you wish to be liked, and it is not an invalidation of your value as a person.  It is simply not destiny’s choice for you.  Know that God will hold no good thing from you and walk in it.
  • Never give up! Remember most of all, it’s okay to fall down, make a mistake, or miss the mark, as long as you get back up and try again.  All the great ones live by this rule.

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