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The Best Valentine

Stories Ever!

by Sierra Silverspoon

For most singles, Valentine’s Day is especially special, because it’s a day set aside for love.  This day can be either a stark reminder of how alone we are, (with no one to send us cards or flowers) or how loved we are.  Here are some great examples of Valentine expressions.

Joanna – “The first Valentine’s Day after my divorce I made a bold move.  I decided to go out to dinner with a girlfriend to keep from staying home alone feeling sorry for myself.  I almost chickened out as we approached the restaurant, but when we entered the door it seemed like the whole place cheered as if we were celebrities.  It turned out that it was a contrived act by the restaurant to have the staff and whatever patrons who wanted to participate, cheer every person who either came in alone or who didn’t appear to be accompanied by a date.  The management called it, “Sharing The Love.”   The evening turned out great, and I was so glad I ventured out.  It was the beginning of a healing for me because I’ve since come to understand that Valentine’s Day is about just that…sharing the love with everyone and anyone, and not necessarily a romantic one.”

Suzanne – “Two years ago, my boyfriend moved out on Valentine’s Day.  I came home from work with his favorite pizza in hand, to find his closet empty and a note that read, “I’m sorry, but I love another.”  His move was unexpected and I was haunted by the note for over a year, but the pain of his departure eventually faded away.  Then last Valentine’s Day, he showed up unexpectedly at my door with flowers and candy.  When I opened the door, he handed me a note that read, ”I’ve come to realize that I could never love another, as long as I love you.”  When I looked at him, he had tears in his eyes, and I forgave him on the spot.  He moved back the next day with an engagement ring in hand.”

Peggy – “Last year on Valentine’s Day, I was standing in a supermarket feeling very lonely, as I looked through all the Valentine cards for a card for my sister.  I was on the verge of tears filling my eyes when a hand touched my shoulder from behind.  It turned out to be a guy I’d been in love with in college, who couldn’t even remember my name.  Of course, he also didn’t know that I’d been an admirer when we were in school.  But I was more disappointed that he couldn’t even remember why my face looked so familiar.  When I told him who I was, he looked embarrassed but stared at me as if I was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. We stood in the store talking for over thirty minutes and then he asked if I would join him for lunch.  I agreed to, and we ended up spending the rest of the day together…and we’re still together.”

Dani – “My longtime boyfriend had to go out of town on business four days before Valentine’s Day, and I was missing him like mad when the day rolled around.  We had finally broached the subject of marriage over the Christmas holidays, and I was hoping that maybe I’d get a ring.  Therefore, I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t around.  However, at work that afternoon, I received a Fed Ex Box from him.  When I opened it, there was a picture of the two of us grinning at each other taped to a small box, and a note asking me to call him when I opened the box.  In the box was a beautiful diamond ring.  He proposed to me on the phone, as I held the ring in my hand, and when I said yes, he told me to slip the ring on my finger.  When I hung up from him, I let out a scream and all of my co-workers including my boss came running to congratulate me.”

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