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Valentine View:

What Kinda Lover Are You?

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by Jan Pitts

Everybody wants to be accepted, admired, and desired, but few people take the time to review the qualities that make them desirable.  Here’s your Valentine’s chance to reflect on what sort of date you are and your chances of being asked out a second time.

Check off each statement that applies to you.

1.         Your Sense of Humor
            a.  You are good at making others laugh.                 

            b.  You don’t laugh easily (you seldom get the joke).                      

            c.  You can laugh at yourself (you are very comfortable with yourself).                

            d.  You enjoy laughter. ________

2.         Your Odd Factor
            a.  You are fastidious (all things must be in place and in order).                

b.  You are paranoid/cynical (you’re prone to feel others against you).                 

c.  You have “approvalitis” (you constantly seek approval from others).               

  • You are suspicious (your trust factor is 0).                    
  • You are hyper-sensitive (your feelings are easily hurt).                        
  • You are inhibited (You restrain yourself from free expression or activity).     

3.         Your Attitude

  1. You are open-minded (you are not judgmental).            
  2. You are possessive (you want to be all your lover needs).                    
  3. You are bitter (you are scarred from past experiences).                        
  4. You are in-tuned (you know what to do, when to do it and how to do it).         

4.         Your Social Skills

  1. You are a good listener (you have an interested ear).                
  2. You speak well. (your words are creative, soothing, inspiring and intelligent).                 
  3. Your conversation is stimulating. (you are interesting to talk to because of your opinion, philosophy or sense of humor)             

5.         Your Excitement Factor

  1. You are uninhibited (you are unrestrained as it relates to expression and activity).                          
  2. You use your imagination (you speak your own language of ideas and
  3. You are unpredictable (your ways and actions cannot be
  4. You are funny (it’s fun being with you).                                    

The Answers…

1.         Your Sense of Humor

  1. – 25 points
  2.  – 0 points
  3.  – 25 points
  4.  – 10 points

2.         Your Odd Factor

  1. – 20 points
  2. – 0 points
  3. – o points
  4. – 0 points
  5.  – 0 points
  6.  – 0 points

3.         Your Attitude

  1. – 30 points
  2.  – 0 points
  3.  – 0 points
  4.  – 50 points

4.         Your Skills

  1. – 50 points
  2.  – 60 points
  3.  – 75 points

5.         Your Excitement Factor

  1. – 50 points
  2.  – 50 points
  3.  – 50 points
  4.  – 75 points

If you got 500 points or more, you make a great lover..

            If you got 350 – 400, you are most likely not to be asked on a third date.

            If you got less than 350, you probably won’t get asked out a second time.

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