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Where Real

Beauty Begins…

by Antoinette Napolez

December 1, 2018

2019 could be the year you stop asking the Why’s.  Why can’t I find a good man?  Why do I keep meeting Mr. Wrong?  Why can’t I keep a man?  Why won’t he commit to me?  The Why’s are endless.  What if I told you the key to finding a loving committed relationship can be as simple as taking a good long look at your bedroom.  Yes, your bedroom.  Your bedroom is the most intimate room in your home.  Your bedroom holds all of your secrets, and your vulnerabilities.  Your bedroom is the one room you can show your true face.  Therefore, it is the bedroom you should look at to see if you are truly ready for a relationship.

Let me introduce you to the environmental science of Feng Shui, which is the art of interpreting your home for the symbols of what your inner consciousness is really wanting.  The Chinese developed Feng Shui 5,000 years ago to find the most suitable location for a home.  It then evolved to mathematical calculations for arranging the interior for optimal comfort and support.  Feng Shui today uses a mixture of methods to feel the energy of a space.

Your home and the objects that surround you are imbued with energy that is constantly affecting you everyday.  These objects are also a reflection of you.  Every item resonates with you on a subconscious level.  That’s why it is there.  What is your home saying about you?

When you enter your bedroom after a long day, how are you greeted?  Is the bed not made?  Is there clutter on or around the bed…papers…clothes?  Is your dressing table full of old bottles or half empty bottles?  Do you stack your unpaid bills on the nightstand, so bills are the last thing you see before you close your eyes?  Is your dressing table mirror dirty?  Do you have exercise equipment in a room meant for rest?  Are your drawers stuffed with clothes you never wear?  Are your closets screaming at you to “clean me?”  Are you still sleeping on the sheets you and your ex slept on?  Even though laundered, they are still drenched in his energy.  Are there cobwebs growing under your bed, or is it another hidden depository of useless items.

The best indicator of judging your readiness for a relationship with someone is to see how well you are doing with the relationship you have with you.  So, let’s create a love sanctuary for you.  First of all, when a relationship ends, it’s time to get new linens.  This time, buy nothing less than 400ct and feel the sheer pleasure with no guilt of giving to you.  Oh, get rid of the pillows too.  Wash them and give them to a resale shop.  Refresh the energy in the room.  Open a window and let fresh air in while you clean, clean, clean.  Dust, vacuum, clean out all drawers and closets of clothes that don’t fit or you never really liked.  Give them to a charity.  When you give away what you no longer need, you allow something new in to replace it.  Also, a fresh, clean atmosphere evokes renewal and new life energy.

Now, your bedroom is the one room where all of your senses should be indulged.  Add soft lighting to fit your moods.  Buy scented candles in lavender or vanilla.  Both are known to create a hypnotic state of mind.  Use velvety soft textured covers against your skin to smooth and soothe your mind and body.  Indulge yourself.  Keep fresh flowers on your nightstand, to remind you of the importance of loving you.  Have your favorite music on hand and let it lull you to a dream state.  Bathe your senses in sensuous stimuli everyday you cross your bedroom threshold.  Know that you deserve to have a room that fulfills your body, mind and spirit.  Check your artwork and change any art that depicts lonely solitary figures.  Make sure the first thing you see in the morning is something that makes your heart happy.  Place that at the foot of your bed.  Be it a favorite sculpture, photo, or object.

Your bedroom is about self-love.  It represents our most intimate relationship with ourselves, which translates to loving who you are.  When we create a sanctuary to us it raises our self-esteem and aspirations to higher levels.

            Feng Shui (pronounced, Fung Shway) means wind and water in Chinese.  It is a 5000 year old philosophy that explores and interprets how a person experiences his environment through all his senses, sight, sound, smell and touch to suit the individuals needs in creating a supportive, nurturing space.


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