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You Know It’s Over When”
The Poll

by Lisa Laird

See what this random survey of men and women revealed…

…“It only takes two minutes to say goodnight at the end of a date.” …“Kissing “hello” is no longer an automatic greeting.” …“That small bump on her cheek begins to look repulsive.” …“You’d rather watch CNN than take her out.” …“He keeps stealing glances at his watch while you’re on a date.”  …“Her mispronounced words are no longer cute.” …“The scent of his cologne stops giving you goosebumps.” …“He winks at you across the table and it annoys you.” …“When the sound of her voice has the same effect as having someone scrape a  blackboard.” …“Holding hands stops being part of your ritual”. …“His once “big beautiful” teeth, start to remind you of tombstones.”

   …“The fireplace is brilliant and warm, the music is soft and low, the wine is excellent and you wish you were alone with a good book.”

  …“You see him and your heartbeat doesn’t speed up.”

  …“Thoughts of her don’t make you smile.”

  …“You hope he’s attracted to the new woman on his job.”

   …“The idea to relocate alone to another city suddenly sounds exciting.”

    …“His calling you “poo-bear” grates on your nerves.”

     …“None of her plans include you.”

      …“She won’t look you in the eye when she talks.”

      …“You stop reading his horoscope in the newspaper.”

….”When you’re out together and he ignores you to talk to an attractive woman.”

       …“He slurps his coffee and it makes you nauseous.”

The funny thing is that too often when we see these various indications that all is not well if we’re not ready for the relationship to end, we become masters at rationalizing our mate’s behavior using a blind eye.  We make excuses for them while all the while, we know that the feelings are no longer in sync…we’re just hoping we’re wrong, and things can go back to normal if we ignore it.

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