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The Dating Chronicles

The Mission

 Dee had a plan and she was convinced it would work.  The restaurant was crowded when they entered and Dee’s stomach tumbled over when she spotted Greg the manager, whose good looks were the motivation for her being there.  She’d noticed him before when she visited the popular restaurant and had inquired about him.  She learned he was single and she was determined to meet him.  She had brought her friend Kim along because she didn’t wish to go alone on this expedition, but hadn’t mentioned her purpose.  She walked in the door with what she considered a foolproof strategy.

Dee had already figured out how to meet him and had carefully chosen which friend to bring along.  She didn’t wish to repeat the experience she’d had a month before when she took her friend Missy to a party and was passed over all night by guys trying to meet her.  At the end of the evening, no one had asked for Dee’s number and she blamed it all on Missy’s dress size which was a seven, and her long flowing hair.  Though Kim had a pretty face, Dee viewed her plump size as a flaw that kept her from being any competition on this mission.

After being seated, Kim became occupied with the menu, while Dee inconspicuously sprinkled dirt from a napkin and smeared a small spot on the tablecloth.  As planned, she moved a butter plate and gasped in disgust.

“Where is the manager?” she demanded in rehearsed outrage, as she beckoned for a nearby waiter.  “This tablecloth is filthy!   I wish to see the manager.”  The waiter apologized profusely, as he hurried off to find the manager.

While they waited, Kim joined in the “dismay” over the soiled tablecloth, while Dee checked and rechecked her hair and lipstick in her compact mirror.  When Greg arrived, he apologized and offered to pay for their dinner, but when he saw Kim, he suddenly stopped talking and took her hand in stunned recognition.  It turned out he knew Kim from high school and used to have a secret crush on her.   In school, he had been grossly overweight and known as the “fat boy” who girls never gave the time of day.  Ironically, he had never forgotten Kim’s beautiful face.

As they talked, Greg noticed he was now the slim one and Kim the hefty one.  He also noticed the sadness in her eyes.  For him, it was the beginning of a new pursuit, for the flame in his heart was suddenly ignited for a woman he had never forgotten.   Meanwhile, Dee sat shocked and sullen as she watched him chat Kim up while moving them to a more suitable table.  She made a vow to start doing things alone from that day forth.

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