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Love Lives:

What To Do

When The

Heart Is Broken…

by M.K. Allison

January 15, 2018

So… it finally ended and you think life is so cruel, but time will teach you a valuable lesson.  For that same man or woman that you thought you couldn’t live without, will one day be a shadow of a memory.  Unfortunately, hurt and pain is a part of living that must be conquered each time it’s encountered.  So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and take a good look at the relationship.  Did it really have a chance?  Were the two of you really compatible?  Was it fulfilling for you as an individual?  Ask yourself these questions honestly and objectively and then write the answers down and while writing, make a note of the good times and the bad times and see which outweigh the other.    MORE


Can It Get Too Serious…

Too Soon?

 by M.K Allison

December 28, 2017

Tracy had been hesitant at first to get involved with Dan, who had written separated on his job application, but she found his smile and manner to be irresistible.  During the interview, she caught him looking at her admiringly, and she was so taken by his good looks that she hired him without even checking his references.  Three months later, she moved in with him when her apartment building converted to condominiums.  She was convinced that her prayers had been finally answered, and they would marry soon.  He claimed his divorce was “just around the corner.”   MORE

Are You

Really Ready

For A Relationship?

Part II

by Nicco Micco

December 28, 2017

Step #4.  Get out a fresh sheet of paper and again divide it into three columns.  In the first section, list all of the disqualifying descriptions from the previous exercise.  Then, in the center column list the opposite, positive trait that you’d need from a long-term love.  Example:  Define the characteristic that you desire in a partner.  Maybe it’s “respectful of my feelings, perhaps it’s “altruistic and caring.”  MORE

Are You

Really Ready

For A Relationship?

Part 1

by Nicco Micco

December 16, 2017

Step #1:  Grade your relationship readiness

You think you’re ready to settle in with someone for the long haul-but are you sure?  This exercise will help you figure it out.  For each statement, give yourself a check if you agree.

  • I’m done with “just fun;” I want to spend my time with someone I really connect with.
  • I’m in control of my life (that is, things are in order, I have no big issues distracting me, and I have time to devote to developing a good relationship). MORE

Your Best Life This Year

How Did You Do?

Your Lifestyle Report

by Jan Pitts

December 8, 2017

Take a look at this year and a close look at your journey.  Compare it to the year before.  Was it better or worse?  This is a great way to examine your life’s activity over the past eleven months and measure your progress and/or growth.  See what applies to you as you reflect over the year.  Hopefully, this will allow you the opportunity to evaluate what you need to do different (if anything) in the upcoming year.  Check out the points given next to each selection. Calculate your score and let us know how you add up. MORE

10 Things To Know

Before Your Next

Dinner Date…

by Lisa Laird

November 28, 2017

Recently, I went out to dinner with a new guy I met at a workshop. I must admit, I felt a bit intimidated because he seemed so urbane and well-traveled.  We went to a French restaurant, and when the waiter put the menu in my hand, I felt even more intimidated, because I couldn’t understand some of the language on the menu, and he seemed to be well-versed. MORE

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